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Dear guests, friends & colleagues,

It is with great sadness we announce that Jeab will no longer be working with Kon-Tiki.

Jeab has been spoiling our guests and staff on the Kon-Tiki boats at Lanta and Krabi with her extraordinarily friendly service for about ten years now.

Tiki queen bow koh lanta

Today we were thinking of telling you about how a typical day on the boat may look like.

We arrived to Koh Lanta Wednesday March 15th

When we arrived, we went to Kon-Tiki shop and met our tutor named Peter. We introduced ourselves to each other and then he showed us where we would stay the next 7 weeks and we liked the accommodation very much and we felt comfortable right away.

Bida Nok school of snappers

I’ve have done some pretty incredible things, such as trekking high in the Himalaya Mountains, watching the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl in person, and doing the bungee swing over the Ganga River in India. But the experience I just had getting PADI certified in scuba just might top them all. It truly was a spectacular experience and would not have been possible without the wonderful staff at Kon-Tiki Lanta. Their professionalism and dedication to the sport and their clients made all the difference and I can’t thank them enough! 

map lanta

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is split up into two islands, Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi, which means Lanta big and Lanta small. Koh Lanta is located in the south of Thailand.

Kon-Tiki Lanta Interns 2016


Our names are Maja and Amanda, we are both 17 years old. We are Swedish interns, and we are studying trade and business at Tingvalla upper secondary school.

safety first in diving koh lanta thailand

As you probably know Scuba Diving, although adventurous, is a very safe hobby. In fact, statistically diving is safer than driving a car, having a kid or running a marathon. And without a shadow of a doubt Scuba Diving is MUCH safer than riding a motorbike in Thailand! 

Kon-Tiki Lanta is looking for an organised positive person to take higher responsiblity in a busy dive shop.


Have you ever been diving and on the top of a Reef, looked to the deep? Maybe you wonder how and what is down there. It's like having a small voice saying...."come here.. come...". That's the calling of the deep.

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