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Tailormade Diving


Kon-Tiki’s never ending on a quest to create the ultimate diving experience led us to the obvious question: What constitute the ultimate dive?

Phi Phi - Night Diving

night diving thailand phi phi islands koh bida lanta kon-tiki

Experience diving at dusk and after dark on the trip to Phi Phi and Bida Islands. At this time of the day, polyps from hard coral begin to come out and the reef turns soft.

King Cruiser Wreck


On the 4th of May 1997 the 85 meter long passenger ferry ’King Cruiser’ sank during a transfer to Phi Phi Island. The ferry hit the well charted “Anemone Reef” and today she rests on the sea floor at a depth of 30 meter.

Koh Haa - Five Islands

koh haa diving koh lanta thailand

”Five islands” in thai, is an uninhabited group of islands that in many eyes is viewed as an pristine untouched paradise. Known for it’s crystal clear,
turquoise waters and protected lagoon.

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang

hin daeng muang manta ray diving koh lanta thailand

These two pinnacles are two of the most beautiful dive sites in the world and there are several reasons for this. Hin Daeng, which translates to "Red Rock”, rises from the sea floor at 60 meters of depth up to just above the surface.


Diving koh lanta safari koh haa phi phi bida islands

We make a promise to each and everyone on our tour that they will learn something new, but we would now like to give you even more. Sign up for a safari, in a more private group, learn more about the marine life and watch the reef in a different light.

Phi Phi Islands

snorkeling diving thailand phi phi islands koh bida lanta kon-tiki

The island group of Phi Phi and Bida Islands is well recognized all over the world as a great dive destination. It can really live up to its name through the spectacular scenery and diverse marine life.

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