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Make the most out of your diving with Kon-Tiki’s new concept -
Tailor Made Diving™

Kon-Tiki’s never ending on a quest to create the ultimate diving experience led us to the obvious question: What constitute the ultimate dive? Is it close interaction with some exotic species? Is it a tec-dive to parts very few divers have ever visited or simply a dive where you and your loved one have your own dive-butler catering for your needs only, away from the masses?

After pondering this question for a while we realized that the ultimate dive is different to all of us. It is about realizing YOUR dreams, challenging YOUR level of knowledge and skills, tailoring the concept of a perfect dive to fit the diver seeking it.

So we came up with what we call Tailor Made Diving™

Basically we’ve created a plethora of options/building blocks, that you can use to build your own ultimate dive. So have a look at the options below and start planning for your next adventure. Should you have needs and wishes not represented below, drop us a line and we’ll try our best to help you achieve your ultimate experience.

ServicePriceWhat is this?
Scuba Review ฿ 1,000 Haven’t been diving for a while? Let us put you in a small group of maximum 2 clients to re-introduce you to diving and coaching you a bit to hone your dive skills. This ensures a relaxing and fun day that will improve your game!
Private Guide ฿ 1,500 Do your diving style differ from the average diver? Do you need more time and less stress, or maybe you want to focus on photographing nudibranchs. Maybe you just don’t like people. This service provides your own dive butler that you can either have all to yourself, or share with your favourite dive buddy to truly tailor your dive experience.
Safari ฿ 1,000 read more here
Tec Fun Dive ฿ varies Are you one of those fanatics lugging your rebreather all around the world just in case you may want to use it? Or maybe your just want to put your tec-skills to good use while on vacation. Let us in on your dive fantasy and we will try our best to make it happen.
Special EquipmentPriceWhat is this?
Prescriptive Mask ฿ 300 Are you wearing glasses? We can supply you a mask with prescription so that you will be able to enjoy your dive to the fullest.
Dive Computer ฿ 300 If you want to enjoy the freedom of diving with a dive computer, but have yet to invest in your own, we have you covered.
Nitrox / Dive ฿ 300 Do you prefer to increase the safety margins during your dives? Or would you and your private guide want to enjoy longer bottom times? This is the answer (qualification required)
Digital Camera Hire ฿ 1,200 If you have no pictures to show for it, it didn’t happen. This will make sure your friends have no choice but to accept that you dive with whale sharks when you go on vacation.
Torch ฿ 300 If you want to try night diving on our BBQ trip or just want some extra light to explore overhangs and crevices. This will sort you out.
15 litre Tank ฿ 300 Do you use more air than your buddy? Rent a larger tank and extend your dive time.
Twin Set ฿ 1,400 For those who prefer an even greater air supply or plan to conduct a Tec Fun Dive, go for the Twinset, Backplate and Wing.
Side Mount ฿ 1,000 Do you prefer to dive Side mount configuration? No problems. (Qualification required)
Additional ServicesPriceWhat is this?
Dive Insurance/day ฿ 250 If you do not have full coverage already, we offer a very affordably daily dive insurance.
Additional Training  
You have ambitions to become a more accomplished diver? Contact us to discuss your next step in diving education. Nothing is more rewarding. Read more on our courses page here


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